KBHR Bold Ruler H152 - Purebred Simmental

We have both used Bold Ruler for two years and we’re going back for a third. Probably the best calving Purebred Simmental with some punch come fall and in the feedlot. His sons should work in all segments of the beef industry.

TJ Frosty 318A - SimAngus

Frosty is a mainstay in both of our programs. The maternal strengths of Frosty are really his strong point. Deep bodied and sound made with excellent udder quality. Very consistent breeding bull for a percentage bull.

Wheatland 9173G - SimAngus

Black Eagle, as we call him, has been a great breeding bull over the years. We are calving his daughters now and they have very nice udders and are going to make nice cows. Calving ease and great post weaning performance as well.

Coleman Bravo 6313 - Purebred Angus

Bravo has taken the Angus breed by storm. Siring both powerful sons and beautiful easy keeping daughters. He has worked extremely well on Simmental bred cows, blending the best of both worlds.

Coleman Playmaker 427 - Purebred Angus

We decided to use Playmaker on our heifers for his proven pedigree and track record. His calves hit the ground running and have made calving heifers a dream. Used on both Simmental and Angus, his calves have done very well.

DL Dually - Purebred Angus

Dually adds tremendous shape and power for his offspring. A true curve bender among Angus sires. A power packed pedigree that offers some flexibility when compared to most Angus bulls available. Be sure to check out his powerful sons come sale day.