RR Envious Blackbird 6031

Purchased from Express Ranches in 2010 by Rinderknecht Ranch and Rowser, 6031 has been the cornerstone of our Angus operations. This will be our first offering from her by three different sires and we think you will be impressed. Built from the ground up on a great set of feet and legs she is massive ribbed and sleek fronted with a strong will to milk and great udder. We can’t wait to get her daughters into production.

RC Naomi

Double JR purchased Naomi from Gonsior Simmental of Nebraska in 2009. This may be one of the most massive ribbed purebred Simmentals we have seen. She has had a great flush record for Double JR and works on a variety of different sires. Her In Dew Time sired flush sons have kept her massive rib and added a tick of calving ease to her genetic makeup

Miss Yardley P19

Rowser Angus and Simmental purchased P19 as their pick of cows in the 2010 Yardley Focus on the Female Sale. This high percentage Simmental cow has worked with every sire we have used on her. The length and volume she transmits to her offspring is amazing. P19 will play a strong role in our percentage cattle for years to come.