Welcome to R & R Genetics

Welcome to R & R Genetics

Welcome to R & R Genetics

Annual Bull and Heifer Sale

Saturday, March 23, 2024 • 1 PM

Anderson Livestock Auction. Willard, Utah.

A Little Bit About Ourselves…

Double JR Simmentals

Double JR Simmentals is owned by Jay and Karen Rinderknecht and family of Paradise, Utah. The cattle business has been a great opportunity for our family. We enjoy showing our livestock at a few select fairs, have done quite well and have met many wonderful cattle people along the way. In 1978, my dad became interested in a new breed of cattle, Simmental. The Simmental was aggressive in growth and hybrid vigor and my father was told by the beef specialist that he could help out his Hereford herd by cross breeding. We began to AI to Simmentals and the first year we increased our weaning weight over a hundred pounds. We have been raising Simmental and Simmental influenced cattle since that day using embryo transfer, AI to the best sires available and use the best clean up bulls possible. We stress calving ease, growth, fertility, moderate frame and functional cattle that are able to travel long distances in rough mountain ranges for both forage and water during the summer months. We feed hay from the first of December until sometime in May when we go to grass, depending on the winter. We have been selling bulls for over twenty years by private treaty. Now it is an honor to be able to have an annual bull sale with our family and great son-in laws. A good family is one of the most important blessings in life. Our goal is to bring good functional bulls and heifers to a sale of which we are proud. Please feel free to call anytime.

Rowser Angus & Simmental

Rowser Angus & Simmental is owned and operated by Kasey and Jalyn Rowser of Wellsville, Utah and Kelly and Ila Rowser of Millville, Utah. We run 75 head of registered Angus, Simmental and Maine Anjou mother cows. The herd was built on a strong Angus base while infusing the best Simmental and Maine genetics available. Our cattle are moderate in frame, easy fleshing with a strong emphasis on eye appeal and useful EPDs. We run our cows during the summer on a U.S. Forest permit in Northern Utah where they will range from 5000 to 9500 feet. We believe that the backbone of our operation is the mother cow. She must calve un-assisted, nurse an above average calf and re-breed on grass in a 60 day window. ALL of our cows are bred A.I. or used as E.T. recipients in that 60 day period or they are culled, no questions asked. Along with family members, we hold an annual production sale in March in Tremonton, Utah. We welcome anyone to stop by and visit.