Profit – Purebred Simmental 

Profit has been the top Simmental sire for the past few years, siring length and power. His daughters are his strong suit. Keep every one as they will have staying power. 


Hart State of War 056C – Purebred Simmental 

State of War is one of the best purebred Simmental bulls out there for ease of calving, vigor and a little punch come fall. Rarely will you find a purebred Simmental bull that checks this many boxes. Definitely a group to be admired. 


TJ Franchise 451D – Percentage 

Like most bulls carrying the TJ prefix, Franchise covers all the bases. He calves super easy, adds muscle and rib shape. Bulls have done well on feed and his daughters are shaping up well in the replacement pen. Will be sampled hard again this spring. 


Deer Valley Growth Fund – Purebred Angus 

Growth Fund offers tremendous growth and power while keeping calving ease in check. Be sure to find these powerful sons on sale day. Definitely a top sire group in the sale. 


HA Cowboy Up 5405 – Purebred Angus 

Cowboy Up brings power, mass and substance in a purebred Angus pack-age. Proven and predictable, Cowboy Up sired calves will add power and pay weight to your bottom line 


Coleman Bravo 6313 – Purebred Angus 

Bravo has taken the Angus breed by storm. Siring both powerful sons and beautiful easy keeping daughters. He has worked extremely well on Sim-mental bred cows, blending the best of both worlds.