Mr. CFF Vision – Purebred Simmental

Vison is a very useful purebred Simmental bull, his sons have the extra stoutness we expect from a Continental bull. While his daughters are elegant and plenty deep ribbed to make top cows in most situations. Very acceptable calving and growth with a super cool look make Vision a top choice for your operation.


W/C Bullseye 3046A – Purebred Simmental

Bullseye sired calves seem to just get it done here at R & R. He calves extremely well for a purebred bull with enough punch to still raise some heavy steers in the fall. Abundance of rib and great length, his daughters will be the keeping kind. Black or Red you can count on Bullseye to keep you in the drivers seat when looking to add some Simmental genetics to your cow herd. Bullseye daughters were sought after gems at W/C past sale.


TJ Main Event 203B – Purebred Simmental

Main Event has proven himself to be the G-To SimAngus bull to use if you desire ease of calving, high weaning weights and superior growth to a year of age. His daughters may be his best contribution to the beef industry. Be sure to find his powerful sons through out the offering.


HF Tiger 5T – Purebred Angus

Tiger should offer a bit more bone and foot than most Angus bulls offered today. Expect length, strong top lines and superior females from sons of this Canadian bull. Should compliment most herds needing a nickel more mass, power and do ability.


Musgrave Big Sky – Purebred Angus

Big time spread bull here in Big Sky. Top calving ease genetics along with scale smashing growth and elite carcass data to back it all up. Should be a foot improver and good disposition as well. His sire, Earnan, was one of the most powerful Angus bulls to come from the Connealy program.


Werner Flat Top 4136 – Purebred Angus

The Flat Top sired calves come easy both Angus and SimAngus. Like his father, Black Granite, 4136 offers breed leading calving ease and adequate growth and a strong maternal background. His calves offer a good look and useful pedigree for lots of situations.